Centered Recovery support groups are mindfulness-based non-12 step meetings that provide an alternative for people seeking connection in recovery, yet don’t feel like other options fit what they’re looking for. These meetings are free to attend and open to the public.

The illustration below shows the basic content and structure of these meetings. In addition to the pamphlet that can be downloaded and printed, we give more detail about it all among the pages on this site. It is a good idea for anyone attending these meetings to read and watch the resources included here.

One thing that you won’t find is having people introduce themselves as addicts or alcoholics. We aren’t fond of labels and stereotypes that can often go along with them. Instead, we’re all just people, and we’re gathering in an effort to share understandings in a positive and constructive manner.

If you feel you would like to host a meeting in your area, please submit your information so we can include it on our list of meetings for others to be able to find.